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Demelan Cream

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Active Ingredient

Arbutin, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid

Brand Name

Demelan Cream


What is Demelan cream?

Demelan Cream is a dermatological skincare cream that is used to address various skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. It combines active ingredients that work to promote clearer, more even-toned skin. It is manufactured by Eris Oaknet Healthcare. This cream is effective for acne and pimple marks. One can get rid of pregnancy marks using this over-the-counter skin care cream. Buy Demelan cream online at TrueChemists.

Uses of Demelan Cream

  1. Demelan Cream is used to treat hyperpigmentation, a condition where the skin gets darker in certain areas of the skin due to excessive melanin production.
  2. Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation that appears as brown patches on the face. It can help reduce the appearance of these marks.
  3. Dark Spots
  4. Marks of sun exposure
  5. Acne
  6. Aging
  7. Uneven Skin Tone: With proper usage of Demelan Cream as guided by your doctor, it will help you in getting even out the skin tone by targeting areas of discoloration and promoting a more uniform complexion.

Key Ingredients

  1. Glycolic Acid
  2. Kojic Acid
  3. Arbutin

Mechanism of Action

Demelan Cream contains a combination of active ingredients known for their depigmenting and exfoliating properties

  1. Glycolic Acid: Glycolic acid is an active ingredient that exfoliates the top layer of the skin, it promotes the shedding of dead cells and stimulates cell turnover. Reduces the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.
  2. Kojic Acid: This active ingredient derives from fungus, kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in melanin production. By reducing melanin synthesis, it helps fade hyperpigmentation.
  3. Arbutin: It is a natural derivative of the compound hydroquinone. Which works by inhibiting tyrosinase and melanin production an enzyme that leads darkening of the skin. Arbutin helps in the reduction of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

How does Demelan Cream work?

  1. Cleansing the skin: The first step begins by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup.
  2. Test Patch: Before applying Demelan Cream to your entire face (affected skin parts), you must perform a patch test on a small area, if you are using it for the first time to check for any adverse reactions on your skin.
  3. Application: Apply a thin layer of Demelan Cream to the affected areas, avoiding the eye area and open wounds. Gently massage the cream until it’s absorbed.
  4. Use Sun Protection when you are using this cream. For better effectiveness of the cream, it is important to use sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF. Make sure you apply sunscreen after applying the cream. Wait at least 20 minutes for Demelan cream to dry first/ During the day to protect your skin from further damage and prevent the reappearance of hyperpigmentation.

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  1. The active ingredients in Demelan cream are all naturally occurring ingredients.
  2. Reduction in Hyperpigmentation, the cream targets the root causes of hyperpigmentation, leading to a reduced appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  3. Exfoliation: The glycolic acid in the cream helps exfoliate the skin, promoting the removal of dead skin cells and revealing a fresher, brighter complexion.
  4. Melasma Management: Demelan Cream is an effective topical cream for managing melasma, a condition that can be challenging to treat. It helps in reducing the melasma patches and promotes an overall more even complexion.
  5. Visible Results: With consistent use as directed, many users notice visible improvements in the appearance of their skin, including a reduction in dark spots and increased radiance.

Skin Sensitivity

Some patients may experience mild redness, tingling, or peeling during the initial use of Demelan Cream. This is normal and usually subsides as the skin adjusts to the product.

Sun Protection

Since you are treating pigmentation and tanning marks, Demelan Cream can increase skin sensitivity to the sun. Therefore it is suggested to use sun protection. A minimum of 30 SPF cream must be used before going out and avoid the ineffectiveness of the cream. Always wear sunscreen and protective clothing when outdoors.


Use Demelan cream only when your doctor has prescribed it. In most cases, doctors prescribe it uses during the night time. To ensure the sun does not affect the effectiveness of the cream. As it can slow down the removal of pigmentation marks.

Side effects?

Some of the side effects are

  • Skin peeling
  • Tingling sensation
  • Redness
  • Darkening of the skin in the first few applications.

Where to buy Demelan cream?

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How to store?

  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light to ensure the better effectiveness of the cream.
  • Discard any gel/cream left with you and use fresh cream.
  • It is important to understand to apply the cream on clean skin and use sunscreen only once your cream is completely absorbed by the skin