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Farxiga 10mg

What is Farxiga 10 mg? Farxiga 10 mg is an oral diabetes medication that contains the active ingredient dapagliflozin a medication that belongs to a…

Generic Oral Ozempic tablet

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What is Ozempic? Ozempic 7 mg is an oral Semaglutide tablet that is used for treating type 2 diabetes. This tablet belongs to a class…


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What is Janumet 50 500? Janumet 50/500 is a combination medication used to treat type 2 diabetes and contains the active ingredient sitagliptin and metformin…


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What is Januvia 100 mg? Januvia is an oral medicine prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes. It contains the active ingredient Sitagliptin. This is…


What is Jardiance 25 mg? Jardiance 25 mg is an oral medication that belongs to a class of drugs called sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors. It…


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What is Rybelsus 7 mg? Where to buy rybelsus at an affordable price? Rybelsus 7 mg and other strengths are oral Semaglutide tablets which are…

Trajenta 5mg

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What is Trajenta? Trajenta 5mg is an oral diabetes management drug used to manage diabetes in patients with Type-2 diabetes. It contains the active ingredient…

Xigduo XR

What is Xigduo XR? Xigduo XR is an oral medicine used by doctors for patients who have type 2 diabetes. It is an oral pill…