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Generic Aromasin

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What is Generic Aromasin?

Xtane 25 mg is an oral tablet that contains the active ingredient Exemestane. In the USA it is sold under the brand name Aromasin. It is an active medication used in the treatment of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in postmenopausal women. It is classified as an aromatase inhibitor, a type of drug that works by blocking the enzyme aromatase, which is responsible for the conversion of androgens (male hormones) into estrogens (female hormones). Buy Generic Aromasin Online at TrueChemists.


Aromasin is primarily prescribed to postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. It is used as a treatment, meaning it is given after initial surgery or after successful radiation therapy to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Xtane 25 mg may also be used in advanced breast cancer cases where the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Mechanism of Action

Xtane works by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, which plays a crucial role in the production of estrogens. By blocking aromatase, Aromasin reduces the levels of estrogen in the body. Since estrogen stimulates the growth of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells, lowering estrogen levels can help slow down the progression of the disease.

What are the benefits of Armoasin?

One of the key benefits of Aromasin is its ability to suppress estrogen hormone production, which prevents the hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells from the estrogen they need for growth. By reducing estrogen levels, Aromasin helps to inhibit the growth of the cancer cells, which shrinks tumor size and potentially improves the long-term health of the patient. Generic Aromasin is effective in treating estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, which is the major reason behind breast cancer cases.


The standard dosage for Exemestane 25 in breast cancer treatment is usually 25 mg taken orally once daily after a meal. It is essential to follow the doctor’s guidelines and taking the medication on time makes your results better and reduces the risk of reoccurrence once followed efficiently. Make sure you take your medicine with water only. Stop consuming alcohol which can affect the efficacy of the medication. Generic Aromasin for Sale online at TrueChemists

Side effects

While Xtane 25 mg has shown good effectiveness but in some cases it can certainly, it may cause certain side effects.

Some of the common side effects may include

  • Hot Flashes
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating,
  • Mood changes.

These side effects are usually mild and temporary. In rare cases, more serious side effects, such as

  • Bone loss
  • Osteoporosis may occur, which is common during long-term use.

You must get your bone density checked every few days to ensure healthy bone density.

Drug Interactions

Some medications can cause drug interactions. Therefore you must share any of your active medications with your doctor and don’t forget about sharing information related to any of the over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements you are taking regularly.

Aromasin can interact with certain medications that affect liver enzymes, such as certain antidepressants and antifungal drugs. These interactions may affect the metabolism and effectiveness of Xtane 25 mg.

Some of the medications that can affect the effectiveness of Armoasin are

Aromasin treatment duration

The duration of Aromasin and its generic counterpart treatment varies depending on the specific circumstances and individual patient breast cancer’s condition. In the early stage of breast cancer, the medication is usually taken for a period of 5 to 10 years, or as determined by the healthcare provider. In the advanced stage of breast cancer, treatment duration may depend on the condition and how the medication course is going.

What is the impact of generic aromasin on Testosterone levels

Exemestane 25 m is prescribed in male patients for a reduction in estrogen levels, which may indirectly affect testosterone levels. Estrogen and testosterone are interrelated hormones in the body, and reducing estrogen production with Generic Aromasin can potentially affect the hormonal balance.

Where to buy generic aromasin online?

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How to store?

Store it in a cool and dry place away from a direct source of heat and light. Make sure you are taking it under the supervision of your doctor.