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Menopause symptoms

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Duphaston 10 mg

What is Duphaston? Dupashton is an oral medication manufactured by Abbott that contains the active ingredient dydrogesterone a form of hormone progesterone. This hormone helps…

Freedase 30

What is Freedase 30? Freedase 30 is an oral tablet that contains a combination of two synthetic hormones namely Ethinyl Estradiol and dienogest. This medicine…

Oestrogel 0.06%

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What is Oestrogel? Oestrogel is a topical estradiol gel brand manufactured by Abbott India in the name of Estrabet gel 0.06%. At TrueChemists, Estradiol gel…

Premarin Vaginal Cream

What is Premarin Vaginal Cream? Premarin is a vaginal cream for women to treat the symptoms who are experiencing symptoms of menopause such as vaginal…


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What is Progynova 2 mg? Progynova is an oral tablet available in two strengths 1mg and 2mg is a hormonal medicine for women that is…


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What is Susten? Susten is a form of Progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is part of women’s reproductive organs. It is required for the…