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Anatero – Anastrozole

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What is Anatero?

Anatero 1 mg is an oral breast cancer medication manufactured by Hetero in India. It contains the active ingredient Anastrozole an anti-cancer medication that is prescribed to patients with breast cancer. It belongs to a group of medicines called aromatase inhibitors which reduces the production of the hormones named estrogens which is responsible for the growth of the cancer cells in the breast. This type of cancer can spread from the breast to other body parts. Buy Anastrozole Online at TrueChemists.

What are the Anastrozole uses and benefits?

Anastrozole targets estrogen-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women, the hormone estrogen is vital for the growth and development of the cancer cell. It helps to lower the estrogen levels thereby slowing down the growth. It is also used by the doctor on many men out there to treat gynecomastia a condition where the breast on the men gets enlarged it works by improving testosterone levels and decreasing the estrogen levels.

Anatero 1 mg works by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase which is responsible for converting the androgens to estrogen this process is known as aromatization which occurs in the liver and adrenal glands. When the process is blocked, it reduces the level of estrogen in the body. This reduction of estrogen is essential since it stops the spread, development, and growth of the cancer cells which are dependent on the growth of the estrogen.

In terms of benefit

It is an effective treatment for hormone-dependent cancer such as breast cancer in women who have attained menopause. This is an adequate therapy given after surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. This process reduces the risk of recurrence of breast cancer which improves the survival rate of the patient and improves the overall well-being of the patients.

This medication can also be used to stop gynecomastia a condition that enlarges the breast in male patients this occurs due to reduces testosterone levels with the help of Anatero 1 mg this condition can be treated effectively.

How does Anatero 1 mg work?

Anatero 1 mg is generic for the US brand Arimidex. It is used to treat women with breast cancer who have attained menopause. This medicine works by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase which is responsible for converting androgens into estrogen. Due to aromatization, the estrogen hormone keeps on increasing. This process occurs both in men and women. By blocking this process estrogen levels can be reduced. Estrogen causes the growth of cancer cells in the breast. In men, elevated levels of estrogen can cause enlargement of the breast which is called gynecomastia thus Anatero is effective for treating breast cancer in women with menopause.

How Anastrozole 1 mg Stops Breast Cancer?

When a woman patient who has attained menopause is diagnosed with breast cancer is prescribed this medicine. It works by reducing the estrogen levels in the body. After taking the medicine the anastrozole reduces the growth of cancer cells by stopping the hormone essential for its growth. Following the surgery for the removal of the cancer cells and chemotherapy along with radiotherapy Anatero 1 mg reduces the risk of the reoccurrence of the cancer.

How does Anastrozole 1 mg affect testosterone levels in men?

Anastrozole Affects Testosterone Levels in men, it works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to potent estrogen in men as this medicine is an aromatase enzyme. By this inhibition, the medication is able to stop the conversion to estrogen and keeps testosterone in abundance which reduces the chances of getting gynecomastia and boosts sperm count. This process is also called PCT (post-cycle therapy) a type of treatment that boosts the production of natural testosterone in men.

How to use it?

A patient has to follow the prescription as mentioned by their doctor this helps in keeping side effects in check and monitoring of your health. Whether using it to treat breast cancer or using it to improve sperm count in PCT. But you can take Anastrozole with or without food. While you have to take this medicine with water only. Do not take it with any other drink.

Side effects of Anatero 1 mg?

  • Fatigue
  • Mood swing
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Hot flashes
  • Joint pain
  • Bone loss
  • Increased cholesterol

Missed and overdosage?

If you have missed your dose, take it as soon as possible and do not take more than one dose at a time even if it’s time to take the next dosage. Overdosage is not suggested and make sure you take dosage as prescribed by your doctor.

Precautions and other information

Due to the imbalance of hormones in women which is caused due to using Anastrozole, there are some effects you will notice and your doctor will make sure to reduce them. Some of the effects of this breast cancer medicine are

  • Bone loss: Due to a decrease in estrogen hormone, women patients may start to have bone loss. This happens as the lower production of estrogen leads to less production of bone cells and more absorption of bone cells which can increase the risk of fractures. Your doctor will monitor your bone density with the help of tests and provide bone-strengthening medication if required.
  • Increased cholesterol can be a problem that requires regular monitoring of your blood to change your cancer medication dosage accordingly.

Drug Interactions

Medications with active ingredients such as estrogen-like medications used in the process of HRT, and contraceptive medications which are hormone-based such as Diane 35 and Yasmin can cause reduced effects of Anatero 1mg.

The list of medicines are

  • Blood thinner which includes Warfarin, Xarelto

Where to buy Anastrozole 1 mg online?

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How to store it?

Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light and avoid keeping it near any source of heat including sun light.