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Birth Control

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Anatero – Anastrozole

What is Anatero? Anatero 1 mg is an oral breast cancer medication manufactured by Hetero in India. It contains the active ingredient Anastrozole an anti-cancer…

Diane 35

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What is Diane 35? Diane 35 is an oral pill for women who are considering its use for preventing pregnancy. It belongs to a group…

Dronis 30

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What is Dronis 30? Dronis 30 is an oral contraceptive pill that is widely used by women to prevent pregnancy. It contains a combination of…

Freedase 30

What is Freedase 30? Freedase 30 is an oral tablet that contains a combination of two synthetic hormones namely Ethinyl Estradiol and dienogest. This medicine…

Ovral L (Generic Alesse)

What is Ovral L? Ovral L is a combination pill commonly used as a contraceptive or a birth control medication. Levonorgestrel 0.15 mg and Ethinyl…

Saheli Birth Control

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What is Saheli? Saheli is an oral birth control tablet used to prevent birth control. It is nonsteroidal birth control. Contains the active ingredient Ormeloxifene,…


What is Xtane 25 mg? Xtane 25 mg is an oral tablet that contains the active ingredient Exemestane. In the USA it is sold under…


What is Yasmin? Yasmin is an oral birth control pill used by women to help in preventing pregnancy in unprotected sexual intercourse. It contains two…


What Is Yaz Contraceptive? Yaz is an all-in-one contraceptive pill for women who are not prepared for pregnancy. It is a daily pill for women…