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A Ret Gel

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What is A Ret Gel? A Ret Gel is a topical gel for wrinkles and acne manufactured by Pharmaceutical pioneer Menarini in India. It is…

Acivir Cream

What is Acivir Cream? Acivir Cream is an antiviral topical cream, containing Acyclovir as an active ingredient. Acyclovir is an antiviral cream that is used…

Adaferin Gel

What is Adaferin gel? Adaferin Gel is a topical gel that is used by doctors to treat and fight against acne. The cream is widely…

Aldactone 100 mg

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What is Aldactone 100 mg? Aldactone is an oral medication that contains Spironolactone as its active ingredient. Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic (water pill) used…

Anatero – Anastrozole

What is Anatero? Anatero 1 mg is an oral breast cancer medication manufactured by Hetero in India. It contains the active ingredient Anastrozole an anti-cancer…

Asthalin inhaler

What is Asthalin inhaler? Asthalin Inhaler is a bronchodilator inhaler that is used as a line of treatment to treat asthma attacks and conditions where…

Azicip 500

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What is Azicip 500? Azicip 500 is an Azithromycin tablet that belongs to a group of medicines called antibiotics. It is prescribed to treat a…

Bandy Plus Albendazole + Ivermectin

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What is this combination of Albendazole and Ivermectin? Albendazole and Ivermectin are referred to in many combination medicines used to treat parasitic infections in patients…

Betnovate 0.1% Cream

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What is Betnovate Cream? Betnovate cream is a topical cream with the active ingredient betamethasone which is widely prescribed for treating skin conditions such as…

Biluma Cream

What is Biluma Cream? Biluma Cream is a topical cream manufactured by Galderma Pharmaceuticals the company behind the skin care creams like Triluma and Adaferin…


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What is Calutide 50mg? Calutide 50mg is a prostate cancer medicine that contains the active ingredient Bicalutamide antiandrogen medication that belongs to a class of…

Careprost 0.03%

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What is Careprost? Careprost is an ophthalmic eyedrop is an eyedrop which is given to patients who have high pressure in their eyes. This condition…